Choose a One-Stop-Shop for the Best in Passenger in-Flight Entertainment

Providing the very best in in-flight entertainment (IFE) is a challenge, especially with a new generation of media savvy consumers looking for innovative ways to be entertained during their journey. And with the continuous evolvement of technology, such as games consoles, personal TVs and audio video on-demand (AVOD) systems, the demand for first rate on-board entertainment is higher than ever.However there are IFE experts in the industry at hand to help – leaders at providing a first class entertainment experience to airlines and their passengers. These experts can not only advise on technical matters related to analogue and digital IFE systems but will also meet all of an airline’s passenger entertainment needs from the delivery of Hollywood Blockbusters and classic movies to popular TV shows and music channels. An experienced IFE content service provider (CSP) will put together a cost-effective solution within an airline’s timescales and budget. With an in-house production team of graphic designers, motion graphics specialists and editors they can also deliver any creative work that is required such as entertainment guides, safety films, pre-recorded announcements (PRAMs) and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for AVOD systems.The process of producing a great IFE package begins with the CSP working closely with the airline’s in-house IFE department to thoroughly understand the company’s brand values. Next an in-depth research stage is necessary that takes into account passenger demographics, route networks and seasonal changes. From these starting points an on-board entertainment solution can be developed, tailored to meet the airline’s exact requirements and business objectives.The IFE provider should have in place a wide global network of content suppliers to ensure that a unique and entertaining package can be offered to passengers during their flight. The success and popularity of movies, TV programmes and music across local regions should always be taken very carefully into account. All content needs to be fully screened for suitability, quality and entertainment value by the CSP before recommendations are made to the airline.If you’re thinking of introducing a new in-flight entertainment package to your airline or improving an existing one to help improve the passenger experience, then finding a reliable CSP with a proven track record is the first step. Many CSPs can provide part of what you need such as movies and TV shows but they can’t deliver important extra services that you may well need down the line such as safety films and entertainment guides. It is essential to find a first rate, one-stop-shop IFE provider that can deliver everything you need so that your airline can benefit from a faster, more tailored and cost-effective service.

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